The IOANNIS KAPODISTRIAS DIGITAL ARCHIVE is a collection of various kinds of evidence regarding the life, the work and the era of the first Governor of the modern greek state.

In the IOANNIS KAPODISTRIAS DIGITAL ARCHIVE you might choose to see:

Material from european archives

The documents that illustrate the multifarious activity of Ioannis Kapodistrias are characterized by an extraordinary geographical dispersion, located in archives all over Greece, as well as in many European countries. Alongside this geographical dispersion, there is also a remarkable variety of languages in which this evidence is written. This section contains information about the archival material from several Greek and European archival institutions, which, directly or indirectly, refers to the life and work of Kapodistrias.

Presented here is material from archives in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Russia, Italy and Greece. In some cases, in situ research was conducted in these archives. Where this was not feasible, research was conducted via the internet. In both cases, the aim has not been to record specific documents, but to form a “map” of the existing material based on library catalogues. In the cases where the in situ control was possible, a cross-checking of the material identified was conducted, vis a vis the existing library catalogues. The citation of the elements follows the way of compilation and the degree and depth of analysis of every catalogue, given that the various archival institutions do not record their material in the exact same way.

Unpublished documents

See selected documents from the rich material preserved in the unpublished personal archive of Ioannis Kapodistrias, located in the G.A.K. in Corfu.
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Published documents

In the I. KAPODISTRIAS DIGITAL ARCHIVE one can leaf through the newly digitized, nine-volume publication containing a selection of Kapodistrian documents, edited by K. Dafnis and published by the “Society of Corfiot Studies”. This publication, covering the period 1804-1831, includes various documents complimented by the editor's commentary. The documents refer to Kapodistrias' period of office during the Septinsular Republic, his correspondence with his father (1809-1820), his career in the diplomatic service of Russia, his contribution to European affairs and the period he served as Governor of the Greek state.

Through the I. KAPODISTRIAS DIGITAL ARCHIVE, visitors can have full access to an important publication that is now out of print. They can browse the volumes either in a book or text format, they can search for material they are interested in, they can save the results of their search, they can download to their computer, or/and print selected pages or the whole work in pdf format.

Kapodistrias' Library

This section allows you to form an idea of the books that I. Kapodistrias kept in his library. The “Kapodistrias Library” was reconstructed, as far as possible, thanks to the hand written catalogue of the Governor’s belongings and books, preserved in the central G.A.K. in Athens. The catalogue was put together by his brother, following Ioannis' assasination in September 1831.

Kapodistrias Bibliography

Here is an extensive bibliography of studies pertaining to the Governor (714 titles) spanning from 1831 up to 1996. As a rule, the earliest works are publications of evidence and memoirs about Kapodistrias. The main body of the bibliography are books and articles by Greek and foreign scientists, mainly historians, written in Greek, French and English, and more rarely in other languages.


In this section, you will find buildings related to the era, the life and the work of I. Kapodistrias.


Take a look at how I. Kapodistrias is portrayed, but also at works of art that depict scenes from his life, members of his family, cities that are associated with his career, people he befriended, etc.

Material evidence

See personal belongings of Kapodistrias and his family (insignia, stamps, commemorative medals, furniture, etc.). Coins issued by Kapodistrias, as well as currencies of subsequent eras on which his figure is imprinted. Relics of his era, as well as relevant commemorative plates.

Audiovisual evidence

Watch documentaries and television series about the life and work of I. Kapodistrias. These are also include school productions, as well as a collection of short films about the perception of the figure and the work of Kapodistrias by contemporary commentators of his work.


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